Make your clients your trainers, transform your horses, deliver healing.


A cutting edge intervention for addressing adults with trauma, therapy horses that need care, training and rehab, and children needing the best possible horses for their equine therapy all in one package.

This program is currently not offered in the EU or UK. Our other programs (Horse Boy Method & Movement Method are offered in the EU & UK – please reach out to us for more information about those)


Most therapeutic stables struggle for time to train muscle and supple their horses. Yet a horse that is not brimming with well-being cannot transmit well-being to a client in need. With ATHENA you transform your adult clients into horse trainers and maintainers – which empowers them. Your horse gets the care it needs and the client who then rides that horse gets the maximum benefit. Meanwhile your overworked staff are less stressed because the horse maintenance serves one set of clients and so does not have to be done in a separate timeframe.

Put simply, ATHENA saves you time and money and gives you awesome horses into the bargain as well as two sets of clients simultaneously served.

1. The Program

Learn to lunge a horse properly for muscle, rhythm and balance. Learn to use long reins for collection. Learn in hand work to supple and build strength. All while serving clients.

2. Certification Courses

In our certification courses we take you through training the horses, and learning to teach your client to become trainers. 3 Levels to make learning easy and effective.

3. Contact Us

Get started today and contact us for available courses.


“You have stumbled into a highly effective way to switch off the cell danger response in the brain and create oxytocin to reduce stress.” Dr. Robert Naviaux – UC San Diego

“Not just the veterans but their families received so much healing. Looking forward to the next wounded warrior project”

“ATHENA transformed my horses. It literally made them younger in body while wiser in brain. I never thought I’d end up with horses like this.”

“After I got back from deployment I wondered if I would ever feel whole again. ATHENA really helped me.”